Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Top Ten: Top 10 Things You Love/Hate about V-day

Thursday's Top Ten is a weekly meme you can find here. This week is the Top 10 Things you Love/Hate about Valentine’s day.

  1. Candy...I love sweets, this is the one good thing about Valentine’s day...but even better is the sale on the candy after Valentine’s day...
  2. Colors...I love the color red, especially with black. They were my school colors for both my high school and college
  3. Elementary school Valentine’s Day “mail” boxes made out of shoe boxes...I still find this adorable, and I think now, they make everyone give a card to everyone if they are giving cards (make sense?) So now no one feels bad for not getting a valentine from the “popular” kindergartner.
  4. the movie, Valentine’s Day... I really liked this movie. I think parts of it are hysterical. 
  5. The real Valentines... There was a priest named Valentine who was put in prison because of his teachings. He was beheaded on the 14th. Supposedly he performed a miracle for the jailer’s daughter. He cured her of her blindness and left her a note stating “From Your Valentine.” Now this would be a good tradition on V-day. Doing something nice for someone without needing credit for it. The other Valentine was an Italian bishop who was imprisoned for marring couples in secret. Now that is sweet. He believed in love and helped people who loved each other get married (let’s hope he wasn’t the one who marred Romeo and Juliet since we all know the ending of that story.”
  1. The actual day...Why should there be one day where you celebrate your love for someone? Why should there be just 1 day where you should buy your loved one a gift? There is no spontaneity in this. My dad used to randomly come home from work with a rose for my mom, sometimes for my sister and me as well. Now that is love.
  2. the Candy...or should I say gaining weight from eating too much candy. I wish I had a fast metabolism, and I wish I enjoyed fruits and veggies, but my love belongs to things that include sugar as one of the first ingredients.
  3. When people feel bad for you when you do not have a Valentine. Back when I was like 12, my best friend (who I am still friends with now) felt bad for me because she had a Valentine and I didn’t. Why on Earth would someone feel bad for me. I don’t need a Valentine, I am perfectly capable of going and buying myself whatever I please (well within my budget which back then was pretty small but still...) Maybe some people don’t want a me.
  4. the expectations that some people have...Back in high school and college around this time my friends would talk about what they wanted to Valentine’s day, what they were going to do, and how great it was going to be. But guys don’t think this way (or do they?) I guess I just don’t understand why this day matters so much. (anyone want to give me a hint.)
  5. How Cupid is a baby with a bow and arrow or a grown man in a diaper (depends where you look I guess.) Who came up with this symbol for this day? First of all, who would give a baby a bow and arrow? Babies can barely hold a fork by themselves and now you want them to help people find love? That’s what is for. And if you go the grown man route, why is he in a diaper? What happened to pants and a nice shirt? (do you see about the expectations thing?)
So this is my insane list. I might have gone a little crazy, but I am not feeling so well and took a bunch of medicine in hopes that it would help. Ok maybe we can’t blame it all on the medicine. We can probably blame some of it on the students in my school who only care about what gifts that will be getting on Monday. Thank goodness I am taking off. Have a great day everyone!

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