Sunday, April 22, 2012

After a major break....2012 Challenges

Ok, so I don't know what happened exactly, either I was really really lazy, or just way to into my books to even write reviews on them. So I have been gone for a whole year, wow I suck I know. I have decided that it is very hard keeping up with this blog while being a substitute teacher since my schedule is never the same. Although it will be even harder when I actually get a real job (cross your fingers for fall 2012, I need insurance!) But I am going to start up again and do my best to do all of my reviews. I know it's going to be tough because when I finish a book while in school I usually jump right into reading another one, and I end up getting so into my book that I don't want to put it down even for a second. 

But anyways, even though it is the end of April, I am signing up for some reading challenges. Better late than never, right? And here they are:

2012 Support Your Local Library Challenge hosted by the Eclectic Bookshelf :
Goal: Level 4/ Read 37+ Library Books

Last year I read over 50 library books, so I figure I should be able to do just as well.

Mystery and Suspense Challenge hosted by Book Chick City:
Goal: Level 1/ read 12 Mystery and Suspense Novels

I love mystery books, especially when it's a series of them. I am a sucker for following a character around and trying to solve the mysteries with them (it's like I can really help them, like I am a character in the books, am I crazy?)

2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge hosted by Bumps in the Road:
Goal: the "Fun Size" YA Reading Challenge- read 20 YA novels.

If you go back and look at the books I read in my 2011 challenges, I think the majority of them are YA books. Yes I am 25, but I still act like a kid when I can. Plus now that the oldest kid I babysit is going to a be a tween we can have a book club! (We actually started with Percy Jackson...amazing)

Ok so there are only 3 challenges this year...which means I should be able to ace all of them right? Last year I had 7 and I didn't even start one of them (oy) For any of you doing challenges this year, good luck and hopefully this year I will actually keep up with posting (that is a challenge in itself)

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