Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Almost Halloween!!

So it has been awhile, and I have read a bunch of books in the time I haven't written. I have also been working a lot (which is why I read so much) and honestly, being a substitute teacher wears me out. It probably doesn't make any sense since I am a sub, and I technically don't do as much as a teacher, but the students are so rude to me and very disrespectful, so by the end of the day I am exhausted and usually in a crappy mood. Luckily, tomorrow is Halloween, and I love this holiday. Tomorrow I am going trick or treating with the 5 kids I babysit and then at night I am going with the kids, my sister, and the kids parents to this thing called the Blaze which is in NY somewhere near Sleepy Hollow. If anyone lives in NJ or NY and has not been to the Blaze, you need to check it out next year. Basically a bunch of people carve pumpkins and they make this huge thing on the lawn of this historical house (at least I think it's historical) Last year when I went, it was pouring rain, but the pumpkins look so cool all lit up it was amazing. I am going to search for my camera so that I can take pictures and post them. And soon I will probably do some reviews on the books that I have read these past few weeks.

But I need to know, what are some of your favorite things to do on or around Halloween?

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